Food System

From Field To Mouth: Structure and Challenges of The Global Food System


Below I present an analysis of the structure that brings food to your table, from the producer to the consumer  (you). There is also information on the apparent and not so apparent problems and benefits of the current structure of the Global Food System, and which challenges and opportunities we will most likely face in years to come.


So, how does food arrive to your table?

The Global Food System refers to the systematic interactions between food producers and food consumers, the intermediaries and other actors involved in its manufacturing, transport, packaging, distribution and regulation, across the globe, to provide food for consumers and income to producers and intermediaries.

Food, its production, distribution and consumption, provides a variety of meanings to the totality of actors: purpose, reward, career, safety (or not), health or lack of it, political and social focus, satisfaction and pleasure, artistic and creative development. Food and nutrition therefore have a wider meaning than just providing a means to keep alive and be healthy….. For more click here …The Global Food System- Structure and Future Challenges.

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